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The adaptive and integrated solutions are a large part of the overall, systemic solution for the design and implementation of the community developments but they do not wholly define or quantify the complete nature of the systemic approach. The systemic solution allows … even demands that the entire community development be undertaken, designed and implemented in a wholly customized and unique fashion with each and every element taken into consideration so as to provide for any potential contingencies,

One thing that can be said for certain is that the current system is broken and the current solutions do not work. The current view of both the problems and simplistic, singular solution have resulted in literally half the population of the world living in continued impoverished conditions, often multi-generational. It is imperative that we seek other solutions for the current problems facing the world, thinking outside of the proverbial box as it were.  

The integrated approach allows for all of the pieces to be put together in such a way as to strengthen the entire community development. The adaptive approach strengthens it further through the ability to adjust and adapt to new conditions as the variables are defined and better understood. Even human nature can be prepared for and plans made for when this, perhaps the greatest of all variables, is better and more fully understood on a more local and cultural level to improve the community development in addition to better provisions for the individual.

Systems … especially complex, fluid (or evolutionary) systems are, by their very nature, very involved and detailed. When there are numerous systems within the same construct, it becomes overly complex and can seem intimidating to some. However, when there are expertsi from all of the respective areas of approach, an adaptive nature that allows for the evolution of parts of the system and/or the system as a whole and only then, being integrated into the larger system, it becomes substantially more manageable.

This ease of operations is aided greatly by the fact that teams of professionals work hand-in-hand with the local people, the planners, the designers and everyone else involved in the planning and design of the community development from the very first stages. In this way, the entire system can be built with all of the individual pieces separate but still integrated and all capable of being adjusted as needed without any major disruptions to the overall system. Each and every system will be built from the ground up, using customized plans and designs that make each and every community development completely unique and fully adaptive.

If there is any variable that is difficult to calculate and predict, it is human nature. Human nature is fickle at best, so concepts of social sustainability are often avoided altogether or casually dismissed with generalities. Comments like “people are just naturally good” … or other means of trivializing what is, by all accounts, one of the most important aspects of sustainability and community developments are foolish and dangerous.

Human nature is going to create a great many challenges on many different levels throughout the transformation and the implementation of the new paradigm. However complicated the underlying issues may be, it is imperative that issues of human nature are addressed if the solutions are in fact going to be long-term and viable. The key to a successful implementation of programs regarding sociological sustainability and human nature will be the ability to address any and all of the problems on an individual level … and fortunately, however challenging those logistics may seem, the means is in place to do just that.

i One of the biggest challenges from the perspective of design and planning has been getting past the often inflated egos of many of the experts. A disagreement in the interpretation of the facts or even a diametrically opposing viewpoint does not constitute a personal attack and should not be viewed as one. When common ground is found though, the combination of experience and expertise can produce amazing results that directly and tangibly benefit the community as a whole as well as for the benefit of every individual citizen.

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