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Government Accountability in Sustainable DevelopmentThe role of any government should be the support and protection of all citizens equally, effectively ensuring their social and economic freedom … be it to succeed or fail in those areas as well. Justice must be kept blind if it is to be truly effective in the support and defense of the citizenry. The powers of government must be few and well-defined and in addition to stating what those powers should be, every effort must be made in the establishment of any system of government, to clearly define and state what limitations must be put in place regarding governance … and ultimately, a means … mandatory if necessary, to have the people themselves determine what the continued role of governance should be.

One of the most important lessons that needs to be gleaned from human history is that those who crave power will seek power. As if that were not in and of itself bad enough, they tend to use that power to gain more power, more wealth and to exert more control over the people whom they are tasked with protectingi. In those countries that have been, ostensibly at least, established with any real freedom of the people in mind, the people themselves, were deemed to be the ultimate system of checks and balances of power.

Unfortunately, it has also been noted that the people are in large part, apathetic to the machination of government. Unfortunately, whether or not the citizenry does take an active role in governance, the government will most certainly take an active role in the lives of the citizenry. Thus, there must be some kind of mandatory system put in place to keep the government under a constant system of checks and balances and to hold the governing body accountable for its actions.

The Community Developments will utilize an Ombudsman Programii comprised of experts in any given field wherein laws have been enacted and/or other actions have been undertaken that have been shown to have a negative impact on the citizens or the community as a whole. Furthermore, a citizen review board will be selected from the local community, in cases where an offense has taken place directly against a citizen or corporate entity, to include the aggrieved party.

This panel of experts and citizen review board will then be included in a meeting with the local governing body, to include the agency and/or agents of the action that has taken place to necessitate such a review board. The weights and values of their individual responses will be taken into consideration and scored based on the merits of the case, their individual expertise and other determining factors, and a ruling will be voted upon in a mostly democratic fashion.

The term “Mostly” is included because each vote and consideration will be assigned a certain value based on positive factors as have been established specifically for the Ombudsman program within the Community Developments. In such a manner, the corporations and governing body cannot haphazardly overrule the will of the people, nor can the will of the people subjugate the government or corporations into positions wherein they are incapable of functioning as designed.

i In theory at least, the entire purpose of government is to ensure the social and economic freedom of the people that they govern. Unfortunately, throughout history this system has been abused leading to the active and overt oppression of the working class. A voluntary system allowing for the people to maintain a system of checks and balances has never yet been truly successful with the smaller branches of government being outvoted and cast aside by larger branches of government and large bodies of citizens (primarily urban centers) being able to effectively negate the votes from the rest of the state or province.

ii The Ombudsman Program was established a long time ago but credit should be attributed to Ms. Rachel Powell of Ohio for assisting in the establishment of a means of scoring the proceedings and the rulings in order to ensure a more equitable means for holding the governing body into direct account and for providing both the citizens and professionals a direct voice within the governing body itself. The Ombudsman Program utilizes a weighted-voting system wherein the majority opinion by and/or between the professionals in their respective fields, the governing body and the citizenry all have an equal voice. This system serves in some capacities in much the same way that the original system of Jury Nullification was designed to work.

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