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Economic sustainability as part of systemic sustainabilityEconomic Sustainability is a multi-faceted approach for developing an economically and financially symbiotic relationship between the community economic and financial systems and the individuals within the community development. In such an economic environment, the individuals within the community would provide the necessary force to drive the corporate entities to success through the dedication of manpower and by becoming at least part of the consumer base of the corporate entitiesi.

In turn, the largest portion of the proceeds from the corporate entities fund the communities directly. This is accomplished through a system wherein the corporations are owned by people who develop them and they receive a certain (and deservedly large) percentage of the proceeds of the corporate entity. The foundation maintaining oversight of the community will further receive an additional percentage of the net proceeds from the corporationii which will be utilized for the cost of governance and the provision of the basic necessities of the citizenry.

In return for the opportunity to conduct business within the communities and with a larger, more immediate customer base in addition to being originally funded by the parent foundation, the majority of the financial proceeds from the corporation will be returned to the individuals within the communityiii through a series of programs designed to provide for the basic needs of the individual.

People will, by necessity, be tasked with certain responsibilities within the community developments, though only viable jobs will pay an actual salaryiv. Although, there will be benefits other than direct cash payment to all of the members within the voluntary association of the community development, the philanthropic services and/or the parent foundation.

Other responsibilities and duties of the citizen are deemed in part, social or community obligations, in large part in hopes of building a more socially sustainable environment in addition to providing at least a modicum of tangible value to the vast number of benefits received by living in such a community. Merely handing everything out without any conditional or correlative responsibility would greatly hinder the ability to provide incentive for the individual to excel and may lead to a fully dependent class of citizens.

While there are not seen to be any undue restrictions on trade or commerce, either within the community developments as established, or in regards to global trade, such issues as tariffs and other concerns may arise under the current economic and financial systems. However, under the current mandates of government, it may well be that a great many of the community developments will be established as “free trade zone zones” or “freeport” zones with special economic considerations and certain tax relief such as is common in similar economic freeports around the globe today.

i The community developments will all be linked through each other and through a global network, allowing for the creation of an instantaneous global market and marketing system for any and all new corporate entities as shall be part of the Community Developments. This will further provide a global availability of goods to all of the individuals within any community development through the production and/or industry of any of the additional global community developments.

ii The introduction of the Corporation and all of the Corporate Infrastructure will be fully funded by the foundation. Corporate interests shall be limited to those that are deemed to be necessary, beneficial and/or prudent for the community. In cases where a corporate entity may meet these criteria but may not be suitable for a certain location, options will be considered to allow for the construction of the corporate entity in another location/community development.

iii While most of the Corporate Proceeds will be funneled back into the local community to provide for education, health and medical care and treatment, the provision of basic goods and services and other aspects of Social Responsibility, some funds may be diverted to more Global forms of assistance and benefit to the members of the global Community Developments.

iv Inevitably, building under the current systems of governance will limit and restrict the ability of the community developments to establish truly parallel economic and financial systems but eventually, it is believed that just such a solution will become an inevitable necessity as the current economic and financial crises circumventing the globe are bearing out in evidence and as shall be further aggravated and made worse by the technological and automation revolution.

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