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AmazonCoverThere are far too many people who have contributed to this effort to name all of them, though there are some in particular whose sacrifices and ongoing efforts have been so great that they bear mentioning. None are seeking to wear a martyrs cross, but like the Author, all of these people have dedicated their lives to eradicating the scourge of poverty and ignorance foisted upon the flesh and blood men and women of this world. Thus, a heartfelt thanks and dedication goes out to

Frank Hermesdorf, friend, peer and Chief Proponent of the Community Land Trust and someone who I greatly enjoy butting heads with, whether or not we agree, as it forces me to review my thoughts objectively, and see things in a different light, even if I still draw different conclusions;

Moira Lynn Mefein, an extraordinary proponent of the ongoing efforts, a harsh but fair editor (though not for this book lest she be blamed for my work lacking her sage wisdom) and someone whom I have always been proud to call a friend;

Ruth T. Sto Domingo whose support and guidance and information has been invaluable, along with far too many other contributions to be listed here;

My late sister Kathy who I do not believe ever had a dream that did not involve making the world a better place for all;

Also, many thanks to all of the individuals and groups whose works have led to the solutions as have been presented herein, and to those whose ongoing efforts will lead us one day to victory over the slavery imposed upon the many great people of this world through hunger, poverty and the inability to create a better future for themselves and their families, no matter how hard they are willing to work for it on their own.

Together we stand but divided, we remain mere pawns in the games of the global leaders, subject to the whims and fancies well beyond our control. There is but one race, and that is the human race. The time to unite and the time to rise up in a singular voice … indeed, the time for change is now!

Most of all, thanks to you, the reader!

Marcus WC Tipton

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