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AmazonCoverThere are countless organizations that claim to be fighting to eradicate the scourge of poverty from the face of our planet. Yet the numbers should speak for themselves. According to the reports of the most prevalent global Non Governmental Organization, there are just under two billion people living in abject poverty.

Yet the truth, if one bothers to search for it, reveals that this number only reflects those persons and/or families earning less than two US dollars per day. While that in and of itself is a tragedy, it can hardly be said that the family who earns two and one-half dollars per day is any better off. The fact remains that virtually one-half of the population of the world is currently living in abject poverty and suffering in countless ways as a direct result of this.

This book is a compilation of the results from more than sixty years (collectively) of analyzing “Social Assistance”, Environmental, growth and development and a host of other “social” programs and carefully examining what works and why, as well as what has failed miserably … and why.

Utilizing these data sets in conjunction with additional data gathered over the course of the last thirty plus years by sociologists, inventors, economists and other specialists, this book concludes with a detailed plan to fully eradicate poverty and addressing and rectifying these and many other major concerns at the local … and ultimately, even at the global level.

Unfortunately, and despite all the crazy conspiracy theories normally associated with such considerations, the fact seems to indicate that the proverbial powers that be do not actually want to get rid of poverty or fix the environment or even actively engage in large scale sustainable development. It has been nearly one hundred years since the formation of the first global body to prevent war and assist in the “transformation” and even according to some, the physical, spiritual and/or mental evolution of humanity as a whole.

Despite all of their purported efforts, there is very rarely a day going by without a war being waged somewhere, and literally thousands of people starving to death.

Herein however, lies the solution that the leaders of the world claim to have been seeking for so long, but refuse to consider when it is proposed, despite it having been approved in numerous countries around the world. Both national leaders and the leaders of Indigenous tribes from West Africa to Central and South America to Southeast Asia to Oceania to the Middle East have agreed that the solutions as presented herein are not only viable, but should be implemented. While the success of these projects seems inevitable, funding and beginnings remain quite elusive.

There is no need to try to read this book from start to finish in the traditional manner of reading, though it is recommended for the first time reader. After the initial reading, the book will be an ideal reference source for those who are seeking viable and long-term solutions to the problems facing the world today. The organization of the book is not established by academic standards, but rather to serve as a guide to finding the proper, systemic solutions to solve complex, systemic problems in human nature and human growth and development.

-Marcus WC Tipton-

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