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AmazonCoverThis book will serve to establish the basic principles of Incorporated Community Developments. The exact specifications for the plans are left blank in some places and incomplete in others. A close look will also be taken at more Specialized Community Developments such as those developed in locations with special environmental and/or cultural, historical and social concerns.

It should be noted that the reason for this is the prevalence of Indigenous and Aboriginal peoples within many of the locations wherein these special zones will be located.

The Author and many others, are working hand-in-hand with local and national level tribes and tribal leaders to establish adaptive, unique protocols and systems within each community development inside of each zone. Additional efforts will be conducted in cooperation with local and domestic, national governments and similarly minded international organizations.

In cases where the majority of the inhabitants are indigenous and/or aboriginal, more of the effort will be focused on working with the tribal leaders and the local populations. In cases of more historical (rather than cultural) importance and in certain environmental locations, efforts will be made to work with the more corporate system of governance in cooperation with other organizations which share the same ideology for cultural integrity, history, preservation and even reclamation to the extent that it is possible and beneficial.

Likewise, in other areas, there will be additional restrictions, moral, social and even cultural and historical variants. This is precisely why only such a systemic, integrated and adaptive approach will be successful in fully eradicating the scourge of poverty for humanity, and perhaps establishing a greener, more sustainable future for our posterity in the process.

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