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The Verde Island Passage is the center of the most biologically diverse marine ecosystem in the worldi, and the Northernmost expanse of what is commonly referred to as “The Coral Triangle”. As such, it is both relevant and necessary that it receive special status as a “Special Environmental Zone” in addition to that of a Special Economic Zone. A host of Universities, International Organizations and other specialized bodies continue to monitor the area but research is minimal at best and there have been, to date, no concerted, adequately funded efforts to maintain, preserve and in some cases, restore the environment to a more pristine, natural ecosystem. Furthermore, any and all development must take place with a concerted intent and purpose to create a systemically sustainable land development that benefits not only the vast numbers of indigenous persons currently inhabiting the islands, but the Philippine people as a whole and the fragile, local environmental systems.

PovertyPersonifiedIn this document, the basic principles of the Specialized Community Developments will be explained in detail along with the integrated and adaptive nature of their design and implementation. Furthermore, the two Islands that are currently for sale in the Verde Island Passage will be looked at, and basic plans for the design and implementation of Specialized and in some cases, even more “restrictive” Community Developments will be detailed herein. Beforehand, it will be necessary to understand some of the more basic principles of the community developments themselves and to see how they work in a more cooperative, sustainable manner than current population centers.

By the end of this document, despite the fact that so many of the solutions must be tailored to the individual needs of the community development being implemented, (An integrated and adaptive, systemic approach and solution) the reader should have a much better understanding of what the overall process is and how it all works together … in addition to exactly why so many variables must be addressed individually and not with (often detrimental) blanket solutions that have a known and well-recorded history of failure and exacerbating the underlying problems faced by society today.

iPreface of “R. Boquiren, G. Di Carlo, and M.C. Quibilan (Eds). 2010. Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of the Verde Island Passage, Philippines. Technical report. Conservation International, Arlington, Virginia, USA.”








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