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Both Ambil and Verde Islands are considered to be ideal locations for the development of a Special Environmental Zone and the implementation of many related projects and programs within that Zone. In short, these two locations were selected because both Islands are currently for sale. Ownership of the entire parcel of land will be substantially more beneficial and allow for a greater means of cooperation by and between The Foundation and The Indigenous (and/or Aboriginal) people already living on the islands and the development of Specialized Community Developments based on local Cultural and Environmental needs.


VIPHighlightsThe benefits extend far beyond mere ownership of the lands however. Ambil Island is on the Western edge of the Verde Island Passage and borders the Shipping Lanes through the China sea to ports all across Asia and even to Australia and New Zealand and on down into the Antarctic regions. Verde Island is eighty-seven kilometers east of Ambil Island with a direct route through the western portion of the Verde Island Passage. As such, the islands can collectively be utilized as command points for search and rescue, disaster response and even for the purposes of regulating and maintaining the Verde Island Passage to ensure its continued environmental stability and sustainability.

While it may not provide for fully operative bases of operations across the whole of the Verde Island Passage, much less the entire Coral Triangle, the ownership and development of these locations will allow for the creation of all of the requisite facilities needed to maintain, regulate and enforce these environmentally important and sensitive locations.

Additionally, these islands will serve as viable SAR and Disaster Response bases for efforts in and around the Verde Island Passage, throughout the Coral Triangle and through the Typhoon Belt passing through South of these locations. With state of the art, contemporary hospital facilities on site in addition to bases of operations for Sea, Air and Land rescue units and training, the location will be central to disaster relief efforts throughout the Philippines. Additionally, the Sea rescue and response teams will be fully equipped to handle other maritime disasters of a more sensitive environmental nature as well.

Currently there is absolutely no system in place anywhere in the Verde Island Passage to handle the containment or relief from seaborne disasters that would endanger the already delicate ocean environment and the reefs, coral and other biological concerns. Emergency response teams in the local area would be able to reach any ocean-based disasters in short order and immediately begin to mitigate any potential damage or loss. In reality, the selection of these islands is not only ideal, but necessary for the overall success of the design and implementation of the specialized Environmental and Cultural Community Developments and for the safety and security of the surrounding ocean environment itself.


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