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An adaptive approach is necessary given all of the differences between cultures, locations and other issues unique to each and every community development. Even seemingly minor issues can often cause grave concerns and endanger the success of an entire community development. Virtually every aspect of the community development(s) will be implemented based on the local circumstances and under such terms and conditions as are negotiated on a case-by-case basis1. While the variables that will have to be customized are too numerous to be listed herein, the list set forth here below should provide the reader with an idea of just what is required to establish the foundations for a successful, inclusively beneficial community development for all of the parties involved. The first step in every community development to be established will be understanding the local environment and any and all such people as may already be living in the location.


concentriclevelsAny and all community developments will have to begin with planning based on the location wherein the community development will be built. In the case of Ambil and Verde Islands, the actual land mass is exceptionally small. Ambil Island is just over two thousand hectares (or roughly five thousand acres) and Verde Island is just over sixteen hundred hectares (or roughly four thousand acres) which are both decidedly small for community developments. (For the more standard community developments, areas with a land mass of at least ten thousand hectares or around twenty-five thousand acres are preferable) However, given the sensitive environmental nature of the Verde Island Passage2 and the need for the preservation of this location, it seems more than reasonable and justified, building a more specialized and focused community development project there.

Still, careful consideration must be given to the current residents to ensure that everyone benefits from the community development while no individual is forced into any kind of detrimental situation3. Additional consideration must be given to the local land area, the overall environment and the microcosms that make up the numerous local ecosystems. Only after a complete and careful review, analysis and understanding of the local area, can any type of design or planning take place.

The planning committees will consist of a variety of individual experts, local people and in the case of the Verde Island Passage, local and national tribal leaders. The entire community will be planned from the ground up, with additional programs and processes put into place to assist those who are already living there in any transitions that may need to take place. The infrastructure will be (re)built from the ground up and construction will then begin.

Older, questionable homes will be replaced at no cost to the citizens living therein. Arrangements will be made for the construction of housing for the homeless and other underclass citizens and programs for sociological support to assist them with the process of integrating into society and becoming productive, contributing members of that society4. New housing and the basic facilities necessary for the building of the community will be the first structures built and after that, the actual community itself will begin to be constructed. The new housing and new local markets will further need to take into consideration and make plans for any changes in the local economic system that may adversely impact any of the existing population and plans must be put in place to assure that those people have a direct means of support.

1 While there will be many different and unique factors for each Community Development, the primary focus will be on the local environment and ecosystems, any concerns regarding biodiversity, the cultural and historical relevance of the area and the existing, local population that will be directly impacted by the construction of the Community Development socially, economically and/or otherwise.

2 Ambil Island and Verde Island are situated in what is known as The Coral Triangle. The Verde Island Passage is one of the most biodiverse locations in the entire world and also a major shipping lane. At present, there is not any consideration given regarding disaster response for the local environment and the numerous biologically diverse, fragile and sensitive ecosystems within the Verde Island Passage. The Community Developments on Ambil and Verde Islands will provide for maritime disaster response in addition to preventing catastrophic environmental damage and harm and implementing and enforcing local regulations in cooperation with surrounding governing bodies.

3 Unforeseen Circumstances need to be a primary concern in all of the Community Developments. While every effort has been made to ensure that all of the potential outcomes have been foreseen, such is not always the case. Among the most common factors often overlooked are local production and the subsequent market values of those products, goods and/or services, Additionally, the increased costs to the local population as cost of living and tax rates increase must be taken into account and contingencies put into place to help offset the cost for existing populations, especially in the more impoverished areas.

4 This will include programs put in place to offset any notable increase in the cost of living and in local markets as may otherwise adversely impact the existing population. Additional programs will be put in place in order to assure that the current residents are among the initial beneficiaries of all of the programs that will be offered within the Community Development.


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