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"Once the government becomes the supplier of people's needs, there is no limit to the needs that will be claimed as a basic right." - Lawrence Auster,


Brazil Revisited

  • Posted November 26th 2019, 6:19 AM
  • By Tom Darby

Some of you lot from the old WB will recall my sometime reference to the 1985 film Brazil. This week my alter ego (one of several), Ford Wenty, shared his semi-regular commentary in Doom and Reprisal at the Ale 81 Inn. He seems to think there is some uncomfortable similarity between the film and the current happenings on Capitol Hill. And it's a half assed film review. As a bonus. Totally…


Bon. Pour un changement je m'adresse aux peuples Africaines ou n'importe qui qui a le désir d'immigrer aux Etats-Unis ou en Europe. Je sais que les conditions de vie ne sont pas favorables dans la plupart des pays "en développement", comme on les appelle généralement.…

The Marriage of Corporate with Not For Profit

  • Posted November 23rd 2019, 3:45 AM
  • By MYSiruno

An explanation of Economic (and Financial) Sustainability for Foundations as developed for the Large-Scale Community Developments


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