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For those that believe and put faith in the Legal Fiction we know as the “State”, there is often a great deal of confusion regarding the whole “Left/Right Paradigm” and which ideologies are on the left and which are on the right. Many of these same people often say what they think, though not necessarily what they mean, which is almost inevitable given the abuse and “evolution” of language resulting in words having meanings very different from their historical meaning. (For example, the current definition of what many of us here are old enough to remember as the # or Pound Sign, is now commonly referred to as a Hashtag … which is a natural evolution of a word. Whereas Democracy is inherently evil and ultimately nothing more than mob rule … the introduction of democracy as a means of saying republic, is a perversion of the word and the language)

While I recognize the illusion or legal fiction that is known as the State, and that it exists and exerts its power and authority through the utilization of force, coercion and even kidnapping, I do not believe in its lawful existence outside of those areas wherein such a governing body is willfully supported by the people. Thus, while a National Government may in fact be a necessity, and even co-exist in a separate but equal fashion with the independent but united States, it has no constitutional authority to lord over the States, much less to rule at the County level … and certainly not the right or lawful authority to rule at the level of the Township.

To further explain that; before the USA was incorporated under the Organic Act of 1871, the Constitution was the Supreme Law of the Land, though the nation had been … and continues to be run under the Emergency Powers Act since the effective and lawful dissolution of Congress in 1861. The Constitution was effectively over-written by the General Law of Contracts beginning with the Bankruptcy Act of 1898 though it has gotten progressively worse over the course of time.

There are effectively two visions of America in the world today:

one being the Jeffersonian Vision as envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, who, while a Federalist, was also a classical liberal and much more in tune with the Anti-Federalist System. In the Jeffersonian Vision, America is a Nationalist system … which in the legal vernacular merely means that the National System of government and the State Systems of government, are separate bodies and perform separate functions, each retaining Full Sovereignty independently of the other … except of course, in the interest of interstate commerce and national welfare and defense. (well being or the common wealth … not welfare checks and EBT cards); and

one being the Lincolnian or Federalist vision of America wherein the States are submissive and subject to the rule of the Federal System of governance. In such a system, the Federal System reigns supreme and the States must comply with the demands of the Federal Government. The implementation of the Lincolnian or Federal System has led us to the point where we are in society today, where the States and the People are often held hostage through “Federal Funding” ultimately bought and paid for by the labor of the Persons in this nation … the “people” (as this is the State or the Body Politic and not restricted to the flesh and blood men and women of a Nation or the persons of a nation)


It should be noted that there may be some confusion between a Federalist System and a Nationalist System, though in defense of the author, this is due to points of reference. Where Jefferson defined the Federalist system as the centralized, more oppressive federal system seeking control at the State and local level, the accepted definition in Blacks Law is quite the opposite:

"Federal" is somewhat more appropriate if the government is considered a union of the states; "national" is preferable if the view is adopted that the state governments and the Union are two distinct systems, each established by the people directly, one for local and the other for national purposes. Blacks Law, Fourth Edition

Traditional left right paradigm from totalitarian/authoritarian left to anarchic right with no governmentHaving read the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers and other historical documents, including the writings of James Madison, father of the Constitution and co-author, in cooperation with his former staunch foe and now equally staunch ally, Thomas Jefferson … of the first two State Nullification Acts … for Virginia and Kentucky respectively … wherein federal agents entering the State to enforce unjust federal law, were subject not only to arrest, but the death penalty … giving what seems to be a strong preponderance of evidence that the original intent of the Constitution was to establish a Nationalist System granting sole and sovereign State Power to the States as clearly set forth in the Tenth Amendment and not a universal perversion and corruption of the Commerce Clause to grant omniscient powers to the federal body of government to rule over the States and the people and/or persons within said nation. In short, despite the unification of States through the Nationalist (in the legal definition of the word) system, the States remained separate and distinct governmental bodies.

The centralization of power into the federal governmental body was fully cemented during the War Between the States however, and such is the system we live in these days. This really cannot be questioned as is evidenced by the intrusion of the federal body politic on the state and the people, often in contradistinction to the direct will of the people and even to the Constitution. It remains relevant to this discussion however.

Back then, and to some degree, among many today who follow the Jeffersonian train of thought and logic, the left-right paradigm is very different than that which is proposed by the more Lincolnian or Statist believer in the world today.

Jeffersonian Version/Vision of the Left/Right Paradigm

Traditional left right paradigm from totalitarian/authoritarian left to anarchic right with no governmentIn the Jeffersonian or Classical Liberal vision of the Left and the Right; the further left one traverses, the more centralized governmental control exists. The further right one traverses, leads to less government, ultimately ending in a state of Anarchy or a complete absence of government.

(Anarchy is all too often confused and conflated with Chaos in the vernacular of today, though the twain remain separate and independent … and very different schools of thought; the person causing social unrest, whether intentionally or unintentionally leading to the finalization of the creation of the Police State, is little more than a Useful Idiot, and should not be confused with a Classical Anarchist any more than a Liberal today should be confused with a Classical Liberal … and it may behoove them to note that historically, the useful idiots were the first ones lined up against the walls and shot or if they were lucky, among those who were merely sent for “reeducation” once their Statist Utopian Systems were fully implemented)

A more accurate description of the Left-Right Paradigm as Chaos meets Authoritarian, each leading to the other eventually. Perhaps the biggest source of confusion for the Jeffersonian of Classical Liberal or Jeffersonian view of Left/Right is people looking at it in a linear fashion when in fact, the logic and line is circular in nature. Rather than a traditional Leftist Totalitarian System on the left hand side of the Left/Right line and a complete lack of government at the far right of the Left/Right line, the twain meet at the twelve o’clock position. This is due to the fact that a complete absence of government can and has historically led to chaos at the large-scale. This chaos opens the door generally for the most powerful of leaders to come in and quell the chaos through the introduction of totalitarian measures. Likewise, a system that leads to the left resulting in totalitarianism will ultimately end in open rebellion and leading to a time of no leadership or chaos … again, not to be confused with anarchy but still with a lack of definitive leaders … and thus it seems, also the source of much confusion between the two terms.

(People instigating chaos, even if under the purported banner of Anarchy, are often nothing more than useful idiots, creating social unrest and division and opening the doors for a totalitarian police state)

Thus, under the Jeffersonian/Classical Liberal vision of Left and Right, the National Socialist Workers Party would fall well on the left hand side of the political partying line merely because it is a case wherein there is more of a totalitarian form of government.

Lincolnian/Statist Version/Vision of the Left/Right Paradigm

In the Leftist/Statist/Lincolnian vision of the Left/Right Paradigm, it is somewhat challenging for me in that I do not really understand the base construct in its entirety. I understand that in their vision of the Left-Right Paradigm, both the left and the right versions are totalitarian in nature. Thus, for the Statist, in their view, the Communist and Socialist “Utopias” are left-wing creations, wherein the thuggish and brutish Totalitarian Fascists and Nationalists are on the right side of the political partying line. (Making certain to differentiate from the Legal Meaning of a Nationalist form of governance, though such a consideration is often overlooked in reality) This was recently explained by one commenter as merely being because the Fascist and Nationalist-Socialist (as opposed to the Fabian Socialist and/or the Democratic Socialist) makes no pretense about the redistribution of “national” wealth … this despite the fact that no communist or socialist nation has ever engaged in such a practice, despite much rhetoric and many claims to the contrary. While I cannot say that this is true for the view of all Statists/Leftists/Lincolnian visionaries, it seems as reasonable a conclusion as any however.

For me at least, the true conundrum lies in that within the Leftist/Statist view of the Left/Right Paradigm, there seems to be no space for a place without governance or without an oppressive and overbearing totalitarian system in place.

I know a few self-described “Democrat Libertarian” or “Socialist Libertarian” people, though it would seem as if all of them are obsessed with granting substantial powers to a Federal Body that they neither trust nor believe will do the best thing for the persons within the nation.

Admittedly, the system of governance in the United States of America was established with the people (not the persons) of the nation being the final system of checks and balances, though again, there is a preponderance of historical evidence to conclude that such limited powers will be utilized to illegally usurp additional powers and used to lord over the people, not to remain in their rightful place as public servants, in servitude towards the people that they are there to serve to begin with. However, under such a system of beliefs, it is easy to see how they claim that the Nazis were in fact a right-wing party, though it would be nice if they included a place for those that do not believe in the legality of the legal fiction of the State … which leads to what will hopefully serve to conclude this article.

Article Four, Section Four of the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees a Republican form of government down to the State level. First, it is imperative that this not be confused with the political party-goers under the same name. This merely means that the federal system (or national system as it was originally established) form of government and the governments of the independent but united States of America, are to be Republican in nature … or to be established as Constitutional Republics. I have mentioned in the past that nowhere was the nation deemed to be a democracy until after the War Between the States and the term did not begin to appear in textbooks until some time around 1905 to 1908. A great many people have sought to correct me on this point, referencing numerous earlier writings that speak of the democracy in action.

While I must concede that these documents do exist, I must also reinforce my original belief that these are not in fact, references to the unified national and sovereign body of government, nor to the omniscient federal form of government, but are in virtually every example, merely indicators that at the local level, a true “democracy” or democratic form of government may be created. At the township level, there is every indication that our founding fathers expected us to establish local governments wherein the government would be directly accountable to the people … directly. As such, the people would invariably serve as the final system of checks and balances to keep the government at bay and prevent it from growing into an oppressive and burdensome master, lording over the people and persons of the nation.

The irony should not be lost here, that under the national system that was originally put in place, the mob-rules of democracy are readily and legally implemented at the local level, as should be the principles of Anarchy or a truly libertarian society … again at the local or township level. Even their politically and economically doomed Socialist and Communist Utopias are, in full accordance with the Constitution and the founding documents, wholly acceptable as viable means of government for the township. (See the largely Franco and Germanic Communist Invasion of Texas in the 1840s and 1850s as an example of this principle in action)

The real irony however, stems from the fact that the federalist system that the Statists have petitioned and worked so hard to implement, would never allow for such a direct challenge to their “legal authority” or their ability to oppressively rule and lord over each and every person within this nation.


Let us know what you think please!

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