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Federal Government and Citizen Spying
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Federal Government and Citizen Spying

Ever since the somewhat questionable implementation of the Patriot Act there has been a lot of screaming and hollering about the constitutionality of the act and many of its features. Now granted, there is plenty to be upset about but there is a lot of uproar about powers that were already in place anyhow.

If there is any major concern, it should be the combination of powers between the International and National (or Domestic if you prefer) “police” agencies. The reasons for that are covered in other articles I have written so I will not go into all of the sordid details here. However, if there is anything to worry about, that would be my primary concern. As for these agencies being able to “spy” on US citizens, that is nothing really new and in some ways, actually a good thing.

Federal Government and Citizen Spying and the autonomy of spy agenciesOne of the few and well defined powers of the federal governmental body in accordance with the Constitution of these Independent but United States of America is the National Security. Now the recent changes to the Patriot Act under the Obama administration, if anything, give even more cause for alarm … specifically including American citizens and the right to detain any persons … again, specifically mentioning American citizens … indefinitely under the mere suspicion of terrorism.

There is now nothing to prevent some “law-abiding and concerned” citizen from “anonymously” identifying you as a potential terrorist and the government has the right to hold you indefinitely in prison or in other, less comfortable surroundings. Again, this is a direct result of the combination of National and International policing and “National Security” so again, this is where I would place my concern,

As far as the government “spying” on people, before all of this excessive knee-jerk reaction to the 9-11 tragedy, the government was already … dare I say it … rightfully spying on me and others like me. How do I know this? I used to watch my friends get all uptight back in the old days when wiretaps were still actually wire taps and I could hook a multimeter up to my telephone and watch it dance.

Why would the government ever bother to spy on little old me though? Well, the answer is actually very simple. Some of my family, and thus, many family friends are in the Intel or Ex-Int community. This means that many of them may … or may not have secrets that would be potentially harmful to National Security if they ever were to become public knowledge.

Now personally, I really do not know much of anything that could even be classified as sensitive, much less anything that would be detrimental to our National Security. You see, in our homes, we have our own “Don't Ask – Don't Tell” policy in place.

I never asked about any secrets and nobody ever told me about any secrets.

Still, how does the government know this?

The simple answer is that they do not so it is actually a very good idea to keep at least one eye peeled out for anything that may indicate a compromise. Again, personally, I am rather glad that they do this … though given the number of leaks that we have had of late, they could be doing a better job … then again, maybe they are and we just do not know about it. Still, I am glad that they are looking.

The whole point really is that no matter how bad a bill may sound on the service … and it may be plenty bad and require close attention and there may be plenty to honestly complain about legitimately, make certain to read the entire bill before rushing to judgment. Remember, there are good cops and bad cops out there … and the same can be said for those people who are working day in and day out … and even administration in and administration out, to keep us safe from those who would do us harm!

Are there bad cops out there? There are good and bad people in all walks of life and there are always going to be those that want to circumvent the law. When it comes to career politicians, it is usually a much different story. Politicians tend to seek power simply for the sake of having power and control. Always be wary of those who seek power because more often than not, they will only use that power to gain even more.

That is precisely why the Constitution clearly defines and confines the powers of the federal system … it just seems that none of the people in elected office who swore an oath to uphold and defend that Constitution know or even remember it these days. Now about all this data-mining and storing information these days … that is a different story entirely, as is the Patriot Act itself.

Let us know what you think please!

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