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No Man comes to the Father Except By Me
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No Man comes to the Father Except By Me

No Man comes to the Father Except the Spirit Draws Him

No man comes to the father except through the son and no man comes to the son unless sent by the father. What does that even mean though?

For some people, this can seem almost like circular logic, you have to get to the end before you can start at the beginning.

Fortunately, such is not the case and we can see by studying the scriptures, that the entire concept is really quite simple … in effect at least.

How and where you find God is between you and God and not for other men to decide.

In this case though, to keep it relatively short and simple, it really is very plain.

No man comes to the Father except those sent by the son. We have to know the son of God (the Christ) if we want to get to know the father so that we can draw closer to him.

While it is not very likely that God is going to drop down a time machine so that we can go back and get to know Christ personally, he gave us some excellent teachings and a pretty fair recording of some of the life of Christ here on earth to learn from.

Most people know this as the New Testament. Some may recognize it as the Greek or Aramaic Scriptures or even the New Covenant.

Now granted, there are different sections to the books of the New Testament but you need not concern yourself with that here. What we need to do is to look at the writing of the Apostle John … not to be confused with John the Baptist.

In the very first chapter of John we see that “In the beginning the Word was with God and the word was [a] god. You may get varying translations but going back to the original Greek, the words used do differentiate God from god.

Most students of the Bible also readily recognize that the book of John is very much about the life and times of the Christ.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the Word of God being referred to here is in fact, Christ.

Thus, we could also say that no man comes to the father except those sent by the Word of God … capitalized here as we are referring to the life and times of the Christ … the Messiah.

But what about that second part?

No man comes to the son except sent by the father. Again, the basic principle is very simple. No man can truly understand the Word of God … the Bible, the teachings of the Christ, unless and until God opens their heart to the Word and to faith in God through Christ.

If you read your Bible but read it the same as you would any other book, it is likely not going to mean much more to you than any other book … and do you about as much good as well.

No Man comes to the Father Except By MeSo how does one go about actually getting to the Father and/or the Son?

We each have a duty to read the Bible on our own. Now granted, we may all need help understanding it from time to time, some more so than others. Still, when people ask me questions about the Bible, the only thing I can reference is how God has opened my heart to the Christ and to the Bible.

What you see when you read the Bible may be totally different in some or even all respects depending on how God has opened your heart. So ultimately, nobody can get you “in” but you.

Fortunately, reading the Bible is not that difficult.

I have read the Bible start to finish and I have opened it at random during troubling times simply to see where it took me … and always found great comfort and solace in the Word of God.

When I am studying the Bible, I frequently reference other portions of the Bible in order that I may get as much of the context and meaning as possible within the limitations of my mental capacity and how God opens my heart to these teachings.

However you read the Bible, read it in context with the cross references provided. Seek out similar concepts and ideas and mostly, meditate (not sitting in the corner chanting, but relaxing and thinking about what you have read) and pray about what you are studying, learning or hoping to learn.

God has given us the key to everlasting life but he is not going to open the door and push us inside.

It is up to us as his creation, in accordance with our free will, to seek out the word of God and to draw close to him that he will draw close to us.

You may be pleasantly surprised at just how much relevant information is in “that old book” once you actually open your heart and your mind to the concepts therein.

While Christians may not always agree about religion, there should be little doubt about the word of God or its importance to each and every one of us.

Let us know what you think please!

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