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What is the Will of God?
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What is the Will of God?

One of the most oft used … and misused phrases I hear people constantly refer to is some action merely caused by unforeseen circumstances being nothing more than “the will of God”.

If that were indeed the case, God would not only be responsible for all of the pain and suffering of this world but would very likely have to enjoy it since it is so prevalent and after all, according to the minds of many men, it is after all, nothing more than the will of God right?

Fortunately, we have a pretty reliable resource to answer such questions so in order to find the answer being sought, let us take a look at our Bibles.

Whatever Canonical Scriptures you may subscribe to … or believe in … and no matter how many books there are in it and no matter what “translation” it is, there is one prevalent mention of the will of God in the Bible.

Fortunately, remembering the will of God is as easy as 1,2,3,4.

As a rule, I do not include actual passages in hopes that the reader will pick up their Bible and seek out the scriptures that I refer to.

In this case, and since this is only one singular reference from the Bible, it should be easy enough to discover on your own but due to the placement, it seems ok to break with the traditions of men … or man … as in my traditions this time around and go ahead and give out the one passage that I am referring to.

In the First book of Timothy, go to the Second chapter to verses three and four and you will find the one location where the Will of God is spelled out for you.

What is the Will of God?The will of God is that all men come to an accurate understanding (or “knowledge” depending on your take on the original translations) of the truth and through that, find everlasting life.

It does not say that we need to learn what the “church” thinks, what the pastor thinks, what the preacher thinks or how somebody else may interpret the scriptures. It says very clearly that all men should seek out the truth.

As a servant of God, it is not my duty to try to convince you to believe or not to believe. I am a creation of God the same as everyone else with no direct line of communication to God.

He does not talk to me directly and he certainly does not convey his desires to me and ask my opinion. God will open your heart in accordance with his will … but from my experience, only if you actively seek him out first.

Again, that is just my experience but again, God does not talk to me directly in voice or in spirit … though proof of his existence is all around.

When you begin to actually read the scriptures and get to know God … draw close to God and he will draw close to you … he will open your heart to the Bible in accordance with his will.

We are all individuals and as such, we are all different. It may be that God opens your heart differently than he did/does mine and as such, you feel or believe differently than I do in some regards.

You and I may look at the very same passage and see two totally different things.

Has he hardened some hearts?


Perhaps the most famous Biblical reference to this is the heart of Pharaoh which God sorely hardened.

Yet even so, wasn’t Pharaoh shown time and again the awesome power of God and even the great love that God has for those that embrace and worship him? Do you doubt for one moment that had Pharaoh turned to God in prayer, that his prayers would have been answered?

If you can believe such a point, I would strongly recommend looking at your Bible a little closer and reading it a bit more.

The Bible makes it very clear that Satan is the ruler of this world that we live in at present and as such, bad things do happen. This is not in accordance with the will of God, but rather, the consequences of turning away from God to live with the judgment of man and to invite Satan, through sin, into our lives and into our hearts.

We are all trapped equally in a world of sin that we may all be judged equally. That world of sin is not run in accordance with the will of God but rather, in accordance with the lust of men and the drive of false hopes and (material) promises handed out by Satan.

The next time that you hear someone referring to some tragedy as being nothing more than the will of God, perhaps you could take a moment of your time to point them to the scriptural answer to comment.

We do have two commandments as given to us by Christ in the Greek and Aramaic scriptures and one of those is to let people know about the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God and maybe giving them a reason to actually read their Bibles rather than just sitting passively somewhere, listening to how God has opened the heart of someone else.

Let us know what you think please!

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