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Is Anarchy a Perfect System?
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Why Anarchy is Not a Perfect System

As we mention many times in different sections and articles on this site, anarchy is not chaos and an anarchic society is not a chaotic society.

Anarchy in its definitive state, is not now, nor has it ever been a portal opening into a communist form of government – though when ill-conceived, an anarchic society can in fact lead to a totalitarian form of government – but along those same lines, totalitarian governments often lead to chaos and even occasional anarchic communities until nation states are re-formed or re-built from the proverbial ashes.

(For further clarification of this situation, please read about “The Left and Right Political Paradigm” here)

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is accurately defining Anarchy … which like far too many words in today’s “war on words”, has taken on an entirely different meaning than what it originally had, even in a great many dictionaries. Anarchy does not in any way translate to “absolutely no government”.

anarchy (n.)

1530s, from French anarchie or directly from Medieval Latin anarchia, from Greek anarkhia "lack of a leader, the state of people without a government" (in Athens, used of the Year of Thirty Tyrants, 404 B.C., when there was no archon or leadership ascribed with additional rights or privileges), noun of state from anarkhos "rulerless," from an- "without" (see an- (1)) + arkhos "leader" (see archon).

From its origins, the word anarchy as we know it is derived from the words meaning “No Leader”.

A great many dictionaries confuse anarchy primarily with chaos, though in fairness, many do at least explicitly state that the word itself is used with many different meanings and in many different contexts.

(For another “classic” example of this phenomenon, an history of the word “liberal” is also an interesting study)

Is Anarchy a Perfect System? Is Anarchy the same as Socialism?Anarchy does not mean a lack of government or a lack of order, and certainly does not in any way relate to complete and total government control or an out of control society.

Like many forms of government including representative and/or constitutional republics and limited democracies, an anarchic society is only well-suited towards a moral and/or responsible … if not well-disciplined style of citizen.

An anarchic society may thrive in smaller, out-of-the-way or rural communities while such a system would never be viable in a large, urban environment … nor am I for one, advocating that anarchy be “forced” upon anyone … as that would in fact be antithetical to the very concept of an Anarchic Society.

In an anarchic community there would be no formal leader because a vast majority of the people, remaining concerned about the events in their community would actively participate in their own self-rule, the very founding idea and principles of a true representative republic.

The rights of any single individual end only when they directly prevent or inhibit the rights of another citizen of the anarchic community. Much the same as in a (localized) democracy or a republic, social mores and standards would be the measure of “the law”.

While this system could be taken to extremes in an anarchic community, no less than the same thing could be said for a democracy or a republic … as should be amply evidenced by national laws around the globe these days.

The lack of a single leader or even an entire government does not necessarily equate to a lawless society.

It could likely be said one of the roughest periods in the history of these independent but united States of America was during the war for American Independence from Great Britain; primarily during the period where the Articles of Confederation were, along with the government itself, formally forsaken, and the time when the Constitution was ratified in 1788 (initially though not completely) and put into effect as the basis for the federal government of these united States of America. 

What is not often advertised or even taught in far too many history classes is that these independent but united States of America were absolutely unencumbered by any form of federal government at all during the time of the American “Revolution”. For four full years there was absolutely no federal government in place in the USA … and virtually nobody at all missed it.

Another point that is quite frequently overlooked in history classes, in sociological studies and pretty much in society as a whole, is that we as a people are not perfect. If people were perfect there would not be any need for any government at all.

Conversely, since people are not perfect, it is not feasible to believe that any form of government is ever going to be perfect.

There is no perfect system any more than there is a perfect society.

So is an Anarchic Planned Community going to be the perfect answer? Certainly no more so but very likely no less so than any other form of government already in existence, and definitely not as bad as totalitarian rule under any guise.

Let us know what you think please!

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