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One of the issues I wish to explore here is the ability of the governments and the proverbial powers that be to obfuscate through the utilization of very effective disinformation campaigns. This disinformation has proven to be very effective and is one of the primary tools for deflecting any questions about the world and the economic and financial systems in particular. The end result, when someone does begin to present the truth, cries of “Oh! You are one of THOSE people!” or “That's all crazy talk” or “Oh here we go with the conspiracy theories again” … etc etc et al ad infinitum … fill the air and any subsequent knowledge that is passed on is either ignored completely or silenced before it can reach its intended audience.

As the current “social awakening” begins to grow, these tactics by the proverbial powers that be become more fierce and more direct. Attacks become more personal and direct and the results are, far-too-frequently, further alienation of the truth and those who are already awake. Fortunately, it is possible to combat these tactics, but to do so, one has to understand how they work, what their sources are and who is perpetrating them.

Sun Tzu and “The Art of War” is relatively easy to read and people routinely banter about cliches about some of his principles. What is difficult is to put into practice that which he preaches. It is difficult to work day in and day out beside an adversary … an enemy even more so. Still, that is what he professes … and for good reason. “Know your enemy and the battle is won” is another often quoted, misquoted and over-used and abused phrase from Sun Tzu.

However, it is imperative to get to know your adversaries … and your enemies … if you are to be able to understand how they will react to your actions and thus, how to combat and counter everything that they will do. The disinformation campaigns of the government are ingenious and truly frightening in how effective they have been. Perhaps the greatest key to the success of the disinformation campaigns is the amount of truth they tell … just to get you on the path … but what happens next is the key to making it all come together.

Depending on who you listen to, and which school of thought you believe, the proverbial powers that be tend to tell a relatively good portion of the truth. Generally accepted standards seem to indicate that somewhere between twenty-five and thirty-three percent of what you will hear will be the absolute, undeniable truth. Once the average person starts seeing the truth … or at least bits and pieces of the truth, it tends to add some modicum of credibility.

This truth is then mixed in with a healthy does of garbage just to make it stink … figuratively speaking at least. Given that most people tend to want to believe … have an inherent desire to believe … anything that matches their beliefs, this is where even the most well-intentioned people can get thrown off the proper path. Many of the disinformation sites stop here and cater to only those that share the same beliefs. Enough truth is mixed in with enough believable garbage to widen the chasm between those who have different points of view. (Remember divide and conquer)

Seriously though, when you sit down to eat that chicken or turkey, is the left drumstick going to taste any better than the drumstick on the right? When there is a jackboot crushing your throat, are you going to check to see whether it is a left boot or a right boot before you decide whether or not you can relax as it crushes the life out of you? I am not so naive as to believe that there is not any difference between the right and left sides of the political aisle. They are, like hands or feet, by their very nature, polar opposites.

Still, the fact remains that they are still part and parcel of the same body. At the end of the day, when the “big picture” is completed, they are still going to be part of the same system that seeks only more power and oppression over the flesh and blood men and women of the world. Dividing the people only serves to strengthen their hold on power and control. While there are discernible differences between the parties, this is still one of those areas where it will be virtually impossible to unite the people. Thus, we must look past the points that separate us, seek out common ground and then use that as a starting point for discussin' without the cussin' that frequently ensues.

Some people are dense though. They recognize the truth but they also recognize the garbage. Some may see the differences between left and right and some may not, but virtually all of them do recognize that no matter which hand the hammer is swung by, it is still going to hurt when it hits. They refuse to be dragged into that whole system of thought so something else has to be done to place them out on the fringes where they can be picked off more easily.

In these cases, some of the truth will be told and the garbage stirred in to make it stink … just as was the case before. However, it will generally be a different serving and a different measure of the truth. However, the real difference is that in these cases, it is important that a bit more of the truth is stirred in. The more bizarre in nature, the better. The ensuing amalgamated mess then has a large portion of the totally outrageous and absurd tossed in and then a healthy dose of the absolutely insane is thrown in too, just for good measure.

In this way, anyone who is not already divided along partisan political divides can quickly and effectively be dismissed as one of those “crazy conspiracy theorists”. When people here any measure of the truths associated with these sources, they will, again, by nature and design, associate it with the absolutely insane nature of some of the claims made by those people “exposing” the truth.

When all of these scenarios are factored in with human nature and concerted efforts to discredit the sources as well as the very limited, real knowledge people have about these realms, it is easy to see how it may all seem far too bizarre to be real. Any efforts to discover what Paul Harvey would have called “The rest of the story” will be so difficult to pursue that very few people will take the trouble.

It is much easier to sit back in the easy chair, pop open a forty, turn on the television and just not worry about “just the way things are” while you prepare for another day in your forty hour a week world. Given the nature of the recent, evolutionary awakening of the flesh and blood men and women of this world, along with a very unique set of circumstances within the realm of the elite and the “one-percent”, now is the perfect time for a healthy, even uncomfortable dose of the truth … and not just another well-funded disinformation campaign.

Let us know what you think please!

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