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When the Marxist American Civil War Begins
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When the Civil War Begins

This is an old article, but as history does tend to repeat itself, it has come back around into a profound look at society today. This all seems especially poignant and relevant given the ongoing, Marxist attack on our society and on our nation and her people.

If we do not recognize this Marxist push for what it really is, we may already be lost, and the cry will soon ring out, “A Farewell to All My Greatness!”

If you listen to the mainstream media … which, believe it or not, a lot of people actually do, thus the reason they are still mainstream … When the Civil War comes, it is going to be a bunch of fanatical, right-wing, white supremacists leading the charge.

As is far too often the case, the main stream media is not only incorrect but blatantly, willfully and in full cooperation with the powers that be, lying and deceiving you. Remember, in today’s world, up is down and good is evil.

First, to clear up any potential misunderstandings here, you are not going to find any sympathy towards blind ignorance in any form, much less a bunch of racist pigs. This is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is; many people are going to try to accuse those like the other authors on these pages and myself, of hate crimes.

The Left Right ParadigmI have no more sympathy for the white supremacists than I do for the black panthers or the Nation of Islam with their Scientology infested version of Islam that would see them as much of a target as the rest of the infidels if the Muslims were allowed to introduce their theocracy here.

If the truth were told, such groups are actually full of people of very diverse ethnic descent so the whole proposition is not only steeped in ignorance, but in hypocrisy as well, though that is another story all its own. They are not however, the primary focus of this article.

Although, since it is very likely that we the people will be deluged with deceptive propaganda and outright lies labeling anyone who still believes in the Constitution with this very label, it seems relevant enough to warrant an explanation.

There are indeed a number of people who describe themselves as survivalists of one form or another. These people are already being targeted by the government and the media in a combined attack to discredit anything and everything that they stand for.

The irony should not be lost on anyone here and the truth itself makes such lies and propaganda almost ludicrous … but sadly it is still believed by far too many people. You see, a survivalist, by their very nature, is prone to actions that will help them to survive and live despite the world falling apart around them.

If and when a Civil War or a complete societal disruption does begin tearing our nation apart, these people, by their very nature, will be strictly a defensive portion of the population.

Survival during war generally does not mean conducting suicide attacks against much larger, better equipped and dug-in forces. The survivalists as a whole, will simply fall back to positions that they have already dug into and try to ride out the storm as comfortably as possible.A proper look at the left and right paradigm

In other words, most of us do not want anything to do with any of your politics or prejudice. We simply want to be left alone to live our lives in the best way that we see fit, free of imposing our will on you and free from having government impose your will on us. It really is very simple.

Do not attack our homes, do not attack our families and you really have absolutely nothing to even worry about. A good many of us do not even like the occasional trip into town, much less like it enough to launch some suicidal attack to over take it … and do what with it exactly?

We do not want to take over the government, we do not want to rule the world and we do not really care what you do in the inner cities or even large towns. We simply want to be left alone to live our lives.

Most of us pay our taxes in full, work hard to provide for ourselves and our families and do what we have to do to get by in society today. That is only a threat if someone (like the government) feels threatened by not being able to control us.

Again, the irony should not be lost here. The MSM and the government all want to paint this potential threat as being a vast, right-wing conspiracy. However, unlike the government, we know and understand that along with our rights, we have responsibilities.

The fact is that nearly every “ism” in history has been from the left. If the political landscape were to be described in linear fashion, the far right would be anarchy with absolutely no government and the far left would be complete and total government control over everything.

This is the way it has always been historically and this is the way it continues to be. Now there are those that really do believe that government is the only group large and benevolent enough to provide for we the people.

As for me personally, when I hear the words government and benevolence in the same sentence, it generally frightens me. “I am from the government and I am here to help” are not words that result in anything good, productive or beneficial by any stretch of the imagination.

If the truth were to be told, the people on the left are the only ones who have shown any capability or desire to create an offensive and very violent uprising. How likely is it that the government is going to actively engage a bunch of survivalists who are holed up and rally the general populace and the military behind those actions?

The cost in lives would be one major detriment and any chance of using such a feat to unite the people would have to be written off. Rather, any action that results in martial law will have to come from the Useful Idiots.

Useful Idiots. Now there is a term that has also been over used and abused by those who lack any real understanding of the meaning behind it. In every successful “Ism” Civil War or Revolution throughout history, there has been an important role for the useful idiots.

The Leftist/Statist view of the left and right paradigmThey are often used to protest current policies and give a sense of urgency to the fight. Yet oddly enough, once the governments that they have fought so hard to help establish are in full power, these same people are the very first ones who are sent to be re-educated or in some cases, lined up against the wall. This is because once government takes over complete control, it can not afford to allows seeds of discontent to be sown.

If Martial Law is going to be successful, there are some things that need to happen and getting the military and the people to support it, is the primary concern. The only way for this to be successful is make it happen in such a way that both the military and the people honestly believe that the government is working on the for the benefit of we the people.

This is really not so difficult as it may sound. Already, inflation has given rise to the Arab Spring and major troubles in both Greece and Italy. [International conspiracies and real world truths are covered in other articles] When those same economic woes hit these Independent but United States of America, the results will be just as ugly and just as real.

When inflation hits, the stores are empty and no trucks are rolling, what is going to happen? The survivalists and isolationists are not going to be packing up the pick-up trucks and heading armed, into town to loot already empty stores. They are going to be holed up, eating canned goods and living life pretty much as normal as allowable under the circumstances.

Indeed, it is very likely the more rural areas will be completely unaffected during the initial phases of martial law. Those crowded cities though, what are the people there going to do? People in large groups have already shown themselves to be violent and prone to action given the proper “motivations”.

The cities are going to be a mess and the people will literally beg the government to come in and declare martial law. The useful idiots that do continue to protest, even as they see how terrible the world they have helped to create has become, will be reeducated and/or lined up on the wall.

Only after the cities have succumbed to the will of the state will the federal government be able to work on the implementation of martial law on a national scale. They will certainly try sooner and most law-abiding citizens will dutifully bow to the aristocracy and forfeit their liberties.

However, if and when it ever does come to that, some of the more fiercely independent people should be a bit more unified. Either way, it is not the radical right that you have to worry about. If and when the Civil War ever does come, it will be in the form of a full roundhouse from the left!

Let us know what you think please!

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