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How Much is a Single Denarius Worth?
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How Much is One Denarius Worth

One could almost ask “What is the value of a person’s soul?” when asking this question. For in the Biblical context here, it is indeed referring to the soul of an individual. In the parable Christ relayed to his followers, each slave was given a single Denarius to keep them until the master returned.

Only one slave actually invested the Denarius wisely and showed a good return for his work. What happened to the others should be very telling for us all as Christians … and perhaps a bit troubling if our works … or our faith … is lacking.

One slave invested his Denarius very poorly indeed and in fact, when the master returned, the slave was broke.

Another had the opportunity to generate a very good, positive return but being cautious as his master was “strict”, was afraid to invest wholeheartedly and wanted at least something to return to the master upon his return.

Still another slave hid the Denarius away doing no good, suffering no loss but generating no gain either.

Upon his return, the master looked upon only the one with favor … the one who had generated more of a return.

The Denarius denotes the soul that each of us is given … the living soul above and beyond our fleshly existence. At least this is my interpretation of this story. This is perhaps the reason I seek to enable work that will expand the reach and the ability to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God in the way of works that can be tested by fire – by the wrath of God as it were.

Each soul is a creation of God. We are all God’s children and as such, we have all been tasked with the duty of investing … not our souls but yes, devoting our earthly lives to devotion to God.

What is the value of a single Denarius?If we hide meekly in our homes, seeking to avoid the trappings of the flesh and avoid “confronting” anyone with the truth of God’s word, then we can expect no glowing praise upon the Master’s return. If we return only the soul that he gave us, indeed, he shall be sorely disappointed.

I personally choose to spread the good news of God through my writing as it does not seem to work very well in “real life”. It is not for the anonymity, though I do not do this for praise from people or for attention either. In person, things do not always turn out the way people plan … especially with me.

I was fired from one job for threatening one of the managers … how did I threaten him? I said “Howdy” to him.

While working with a former Georgia State Police Officer, I “scared” him so bad that he had to take three days off from work to “recover”. I kid you not … I do not know how or why I intimidate some people, but intimidate them I do.

On top of that, I do tend to get excited … and perhaps a bit animated when discussing the Word of God. How can you not get excited when discussing God though?

In the Garden of Eden, there was no mediator between Adam, Eve and God. There was a direct link right to the head honcho … how can anyone not get excited about that?

I mean seriously, think about it for a moment … if you could ask God anything at all, what would you ask him?

Yet when we are in the new heavens and in the new earth, you WILL be able to ask him anything you want. How cool is that? How can people NOT get excited at such a prospect?

Still, there are many people who sadly … and in my humble opinion, mistakenly believe that their rightful duty is to sit down, shut up, listen to the “lovely sermon” and write a check when they are done.

They may be able to return the single Denarius in the same condition even, though it is almost certain that the time in our current system will tarnish it more than a little … but still, the master was not at all satisfied with the slave that returned the single denarius was he?

At the risk of forever … quite literally, can we really afford to be complacent as good Christian people?

Can we, as Christians, afford to be so trapped in this system that we have to argue instead of discuss the word of God and differences in beliefs? Can we really neglect our duties to discuss the beauty, the glory and the divinity of the Kingdom of God and encourage others … not to be solely fearful of God … though how can you not be at least a little fearful of that kind of power … but to seek out the love of God and to pray that his will … his divine will be done so that we can live in a restored paradise?

We have the ability to get front row seats in a restored paradise and be granted with eternal life, free from sickness, from death, from anything bad or harmful … we have been given a Denarius to buy our entry tickets … but just maybe, we should work on putting together a few more (souls) so that we can actually be assured of a seat and maybe, just maybe, have a little fun and enjoyment while we are there?

How much is a Denarius worth?

If it is invested properly, it is worth forever.

Let us know what you think please!

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