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To look at the title, one may presume that this is little more than yet another rant about the current socialist push by the Statist left, but such is hardly the case. In fact, this is a historical account, easily verified … and strong standing for the veracity of my claims that a Voluntary or Libertarian Society is not only lawful, but fully and wholly constitutional at the level of the township.

Originally, as the nation was founded, the federal government was to be largely restricted to concerning itself with the common good … effectively limited to securing the borders against invasion and ensuring a modicum of equality by and between the independent but united States of America.

The States, being independent and sovereign, would have a little more sway and direct influence on the lives of the people that comprised the body politic. However, the real source of freedom as it were, was established at the local level … primarily the county or even more specifically, at the township level. The Constitution guarantees a republican form of governance only at the State and federal levels … and this was with good reason.

To risk democracy at the State or national level is to risk the infringement of the natural rights of the individual. The term “Democracy” did not appear in textbooks until the early nineteen hundreds and was never associated with the national government until around 1871 when the Federal Reserve Trust was originally established and the War Between the States and the unlawful dismissal of numerous duly elected representatives … only to see them replaced with nationalist or federalist lackeys who were all equally enamored with the idea of an all-powerful federal government … and a host of other egregious abuses in direct contradistinction to the Constitution.

Yet somehow or another, a great many people contest this fact … sans any evidence of course … and citing only numerous examples wherein “Democracy” was mentioned … but only at the level of the township or occasionally at the county level; never at the level of the State or National governments … likely because such an historical accounting does not exist. People routinely ask how I can justify … constitutionally or otherwise, the introduction of a truly libertarian society at the level of the township … and many claiming it would be a violation of federal law … when in fact, there is both historical precedent and context indicating that such was the inherent right of the individual and part and parcel of the “self-governance” as documented in depth by many of the Founders and Framers of our nation.

To provide an example, I will risk the wrath of those federalist Statists on the right by examining an historical event that led to the great “Communist Invasion of Texas” … long before the bloody revolutions of Red October in the nation of Russia. The very fact that these townships and cities, some of which exist even today, are easily verified in historical accounts and records. Furthermore, if the establishment of a Communist government at the local township level is lawful and even legal, there is absolutely no reason why the establishment of a Libertarian society at the township is any less lawful or legal in nature or design.

The Franco German Communist Movement of the 1830s was started, much like the socialist (read: ultimately communist and authoritarian) movement of today, began in the hallowed halls of academia in France and Germany. The concept of “Communal Socialism” (The very origins of the word communism) was expressed with great enthusiasm by the noted philosopher Charles Fourier. It is noted that Fourier hoped to establish his “Utopian Vision” (sound familiar?) in communities with the rules of Communal Socialism (or Communism) but such a concept was needless to say, not very popular in France at the time.

As this movement and press for Communal Socialism spread throughout the university systems, it moved into Germany. Not surprisingly perhaps, the students and many of the members of the Academic community in both nations, led riots in order to establish their Utopian Vision as the new rule of law … which predictably resulted in an oppressive police response to quell the violence and jail or otherwise silence the defenders of the Communal Socialism movement. The end result was the establishment of Secret Societies in order to determine how best to further their cause. It should be noted, that this was occurring at the same time as the Great Westward Migration in these independent but united States of America.

One of the primary promoters of the Communal Socialism movement in Germany was a gentleman by the name of Prince Solms-Braunfels who had happened to visit the Great State of Texas in the year of 1844. In his lectures most notable and well represented by those in the universities of Heidelberg and Giessen, he became an avid proponent of a move to the independent but united States of America where such an institution as his “utopian vision” of a Communal Socialist Community could actually be built.

He began actively seeking the means to purchase lands within Texas in order to build these communities. By 1847, with the help of his group known as “Adelsverior” and their “Men of Forty”, a sufficient level of funds had been raised to begin the purchase of land in Texas in order to prepare the way for their fellow visionaries who would create paradise here on earth where all men were truly equal … all quite legally and lawfully by the way. Arriving through the Gulf Coast of Texas, a group of thirty-three German academics and students led the first wave of this “Communist Invasion” … singing their praises to the United States and to the Great State of Texas, fervent in their patriotism and love for a State and a nation wherein their Utopian Vision could be legally and lawfully built without the strong arm of the government reaching out to crush them in their dreamy and lofty endeavors.

The first Communal Socialist community was built in South Texas and was named Bettina … named after a famed (Female) German author by the name of Bettina von Arnim. Treaties were put in place with the Commanches and it is interesting to note merely on a historical level, that these treaties remained in place and were never broken by either the Commanche or the new American communist settlers.

Unfortunately however, the town of Bettina did not last for long under the principles of the Communal Socialist idea. Crops had been planted early and had been lost due to drought, and despite the fact that this was the first wave that would build the community for future settlers, the people quickly realized that they could eat just as much and live comparatively as well as the rest, regardless of whether or not they worked … and work soon came to a halt, resulting ultimately in the death of this venture into communism legally established in American (Texan) towns.

A new settlement was further attempted by some of the same students and academics who held fast to their dreams, in what is still to this day, New Braunfels, though its life under Communal Socialism was relatively short, in large part due to many of the same shortcomings as they had previously discovered … and which would take the leaders of the Soviet Union a great many decades to learn … and a lesson which seems wholly lost on the many Socialist/Communist groupies among the esteemed members of the hallowed halls of academia … and their students … in the USA today.

Another group of German communists established another town closer to San Antonio, near the fork where the Guadalupe River and Sister Creek join together. This community came to be known as Sisterdale, again, still an active city in Texas to this very day. However, this town seems to have survived as, while the local inhabitants … and apparently, even a great many of the Commanche continued to study and lecture on the teachings of Fournier and St. Simon. However, it seems that apparently the settlers took a more capitalist approach in their actual duties, thus being more capable of success in their new environs.

Among the communities that survived, though not in their original form of Communal Socialism, were the cities of Schulenburg, Bergheim, Schleicher and perhaps most famous of all, Luchenbach Texas … though no word yet on Waylon, Willie and the boys. However, there is ample evidence that one Admiral Nimitz is a direct descendant of the Texan communist invaders from Germany as well, though others have also had a lasting and very favorable record of contributions to their new nation including lawmen, doctors and even capitalist Statesmen.

The French attempted and failed in an equally … perhaps more extreme fashion to implement their vision of the Communal Socialist Utopia. Among the most notable was over two hundred worn and weary travelers who had been forced to walk from the ports at Galveston up to Dallas due to confusion … and content themselves with attempting to settle some two thousand acres instead of the fifty-seven thousand acres of West Texas ground that they had been promised.

The French constantly demanded that the people emigrating to the West be carpenters, farmers and craftsmen, though the only souls with a fervent enough belief in the theories of the Communal Socialist Utopia were apparently relegated to Academics, musicians, artists and others who proved to be far too ill-equipped and prepared to deal with the harsh realities of the rough and tumble Pioneer life. The only real indelible contribution of the French seems to be in the realm of arts.

With all of that being said, it is difficult not to believe that it would be both lawful and legal to establish a wholly libertarian society at the local level. Unfortunately, such is the federal government of today that it would likely end up more like Waco than anything, regardless of whether or not the community itself proved to be successful.


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