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A Leftist Liberal Literally Falls Into Conservatism
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A Leftist Liberal Literally Falls Into Conservatism

Almost all of us know that the protection of our children should be paramount ... those among us who have raised children at least should know this.

Thus, any federal laws that are there for the protection of our children have to be a good thing right?

This is actually a very true but sad story though it does at least, ultimately have a happy ending.

One lady I knew some time ago in the Republic of Nevada was the proverbial welfare queen. I met her through a mutual acquaintance and we actually had a pleasant friendship as long as we steered away from politics.

She was as “progressive” as one can be without actually falling off the Left Coast.


A Leftist Liberal Literally Falls Into ConservatismShe had three children as I recall, though it has been some time ago. As long as she kept bearing children, she would get more money from the state in the form of welfare checks, food stamps, section eight housing and other benefits unknown to the working man ... we the people ... the little guy ... the one the left is always talking about helping while they rape us under penalty of law ... but I digress.

A Leftist Liberal Literally Falls Into ConservatismAs part of the “care” she received, all of her children had been diagnosed as having ADD and were constantly kept doped up.

To her at the time, this seemed like a really good idea, and besides, it was free government money after all right? I mean, it was not like anybody actually had to pay for it.

One day, somehow or another, one child had “missed” their medication. That same day, he fell down on the glass top table in the living room. The mother, having a legitimate concern for her child’s welfare, took him to the emergency room to be treated.

The emergency room nurse was also a good, concerned citizen, and as such, performed her civic duty by informing the proper authorities that the child was being denied his medication and there were indications ... as evidenced by the cuts, scratches and bruises from falling through a glass top table ... that there may be physical child abuse going on as well.

The state, seeking only to protect the children ... after all, if it is for the children it has to be okay right? Took the children away from their mother while they investigated the denial of drugs to the child as well as investigated the possibility of physical abuse.A Leftist Liberal Literally Falls Into Conservatism

As anybody who has raised children can also testify, bringing up kids is an expensive proposition. The state, seeking only to retrieve some of its ill gotten gains ... I mean hard earned money ... read: taxpayer money that the taxpayer would never see again whether or not the state collected ... billed her eighty-four dollars per day per child for their time in Child Protective Custody.

For three children, that boiled down to about two hundred and fifty-two dollars per day. But no problem you say, since she was already on welfare right? The state is probably not going to work that hard to collect money it is already giving away right?

Except for one small caveat.

She now had no children so her food stamps and welfare went down immediately and substantially ... so substantially in fact, that she could not keep her section eight housing and ended up homeless.

Fortunately she did have some friends so she found a place to stay rather quickly. I offered her a place to stay but we rarely saw each other save for the occasional meals I cooked. I went some time without hearing from her actually and when I did finally talk to her again, she was completing job training and preparing for the move to Southern California where she found a good job.

Her plans the last I heard were to continue her schooling and she was very proud of the fact that she was not only off welfare but that her children were no longer constantly doped up ... and “so much more well-behaved” without all of the medication.

You can rest assured that she is not going back on welfare by choice and if and when she ever does need public assistance, it is going to be for as short a period as possible.

She no longer sings the praises of how great the government is for giving out all of that free government money but works diligently and saves as best she can while raising her children and improving her own lot in life.

We should all learn so much eh? Preferably from the experience of others, and not at our own expense, or worse still, at the expense of our children.

Let us know what you think please!

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