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How to Find Inexpensive Land off The Grid
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How to Find Inexpensive Land off The Grid

If you are seriously thinking about Going Galt, you are not exactly going to be looking at Condos on Times Square. The isolation may be a bit much for some, but it should help some at least when you see that the price tags are going to be substantially less.

Still, not everybody has the means or wherewithal to pay top dollar even for some of the nicer, isolated spots so here are some suggestions for discovering places to look for more inexpensive land so you can build your very own Galt Gulch.

The first thing that you need to do is to discover where you can actually get away from it all. Suburbia is completely out of the question and even the rural farming communities are questionable … though certainly better than living in the big cities.

Ideally, property should be very isolated so that if anything at all, you are scarcely more than a blip on a satellite photo in the “no worries here” stack. However, unless you have a very good vehicle, access is going to be important as well.

How to Find Inexpensive Land off The GridThe first place to look … or preferably talk to someone would be at the County Assessors office and the Tax Office. They will be prohibited by law from giving you anything that could reasonably be construed as legal advice (reasonably in accordance with the justice system so it may or may not be reasonable depending on where you live) so you may or may not be able to get a lot of information from them.

Still, they should be able to tell you when the land that is delinquent on taxes will be auctioned off and depending on how far in the future it is, give you a list of land for sale.

The land for sale at the tax auctions is going to cover a lot of different areas. If you are looking in truly rural or isolated (also known as Unincorporated) areas, you are probably going to become familiar with Lots, Ranges and even Townships. This should not be too difficult and again, all of the relevant records are available at the County Assessors Office and often times, even online.

Again depending on the local situation, you may be able to get a list of properties where taxes are so long overdue that the property will soon be coming up for auction even if it is not yet available.

Often times these are isolated lots someone has purchased, died and left to someone else who has no clue where it is, no plans for it and would often gladly settle for a little cash rather than having to deal with dings on their credit.

Do not shy away from realtors or classified ads either. While realtors can generally want a bit more money, they also have a lot more contacts and know a lot more about the available properties in a given region.

Additionally, driving around a region you are interested in may also reveal a home made “For Sale” sign or ten. Ask around, talk to some of the local people, find a local watering hole … indoors or out and get to know some of the people.

This will allow you to get to know some of the other people in the area and whether or not you may have difficulties with them as well as putting you on the market as a buyer should any of the locals know of someone who wants to sell.

Any successful deal generally results from networking so perhaps the biggest thing to remember is not to be bashful or shy but to remember, the other people around there are very likely just trying to get away from it all as well.

Let us know what you think please!

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