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Why Do Anarchists Hate Government?Why Do Anarchists Hate Government?
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Why Do Anarchists Hate Government?

The funny thing is that anarchists (or at least those who are true Anarchists in the definitive and historical sense of the word) do not hate government at all. Still, the phrase does garner a great many searches every month, and aside from being good for creating traffic flow to the website, it is apparently a commonly enough held belief to merit a direct response.

Real anarchists do not hate the government.

For those of you that do not fully comprehend that, let me say it this way …


We may not trust all aspects of government, especially where it runs rampant outside of the limitations placed upon it by both the body politic, and in the case of the US at least, the restrictions placed upon the federal system of government by the Constitution.

Anarchy is not chaos despite popular misconceptions and misguided communist youth who believe themselves to be anarchists. Anarchy is in and of itself a natural order for the common good as well as for the individual.

Anarchy and Government are not mutually exclusive.

Why Do Anarchists Hate Government?An anarchic community may have no real governance within the community but there is a recognition that not everybody is disciplined or even mature enough to take care of their own needs and certainly not all people are responsible enough to be living in such a manner.

We could wax poetic about the “good old days” but the truth is there is good and bad everywhere.

The difference in an anarchic society is that we do not ask for, want or need the force of law to tell us that someone is a threat when they are an obvious threat. As long as people are peaceful and understand that their freedom is virtually unlimited unless and until it impedes the freedoms of another, all are welcome no matter what they may have been “before” becoming anarchists.

For those people that are used to living in a government controlled urban center, anarchy would probably be as uncomfortable an experience as they could possibly imagine. However, it would be the very antithesis of Anarchism to make any effort to force others to live in a state of Anarchy.

For those that do choose the Anarchic lifestyle, what exactly is so terrible in deciding to live without government force? If we pay the same taxes on goods and services, pay the same taxes on our properties and pay all our bills the same as the rest of society does, why exactly should we not be free to live as we see fit?

If our neighbor decides to hang their clothes out in their front yard, plant a garden in their front yard or even to allow an infant child to use the bathroom in the front yard nobody is going to arrest them, fine them or throw them in jail to face massive expenses associated with living in a “civilized” society.

As long as their laundry is in their yard and not mine, what business is it of mine? From that perspective, what business does the government have telling any homeowner where they can hang their clothes or plant a garden on what is ostensibly private property?

These days we have federal government legislating by fiat … or via federal regulatory agencies, deciding how you can or cannot collect rainwater on your private property, whether or not you can use your property at all if there is a puddle of sufficient size to merit concern … or if any of their local agents happens to dislike you for whatever reason.

What anarchists do hate is a blatant intrusion on personal rights, liberties and freedoms for those of us who are responsible enough to take care of ourselves.

What we do hate as anarchists is a government that oppresses its people and does so in the name of freedom.

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