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Society is by definition, a social grouping. When there is more division than unity, society inevitably crumbles. Thus, some groups will call for division along racial lines, be they right or wrong. Furthermore, others … and by far, a much more numerous majority, expect members of society to blend in to society … to assimilate and become part of the society in which they live. This is in fact and even historically speaking, the societal fabric that binds a society and allows it to function as a cohesive social unit. When unity of purpose is lacking, the social fabric becomes torn and worn and will ultimately tear, leaving a gap or vacuum to be filled by whatever the madness of the day may happen to be.

There will always be individuals who do not easily or readily fit within the standards and/or norms of society. This is much the same as the constant presence of those who are bigoted based on personal prejudice and (frequently) unfounded bias against these people. However, to believe that government is the solution to these problems is madness at best, and to allow either of these groups to rip the very fabric of society merely in order to accommodate a very small percentage of that society, is nothing more than madness that is historically shown to create societal collapse.

To do so in the name of supporting the delusions of one, and forcing others, under the full force and effect of the law to do the same, will only speed up the process, yet that tends to be the standards for society these days … standards which will inevitably lead to the destruction of society as a whole … but then again, perhaps that is the entire purpose behind these efforts.

There are always going to be individuals that separate and segregate themselves from society. This has been true since the advent of societal structure and order. This has been true in terms of race, sexual proclivities, desired standards and a host of other factors. People, in full accordance with the nature of the individual, tend to surround themselves with like-minded … or otherwise similar persons.

Personally, if a bunch of bigoted nationalists choose to isolate themselves from “normal society”, I am all for that. Let them isolate themselves, their ignorance, their bias and their prejudice from the rest of us. I do not see any issues with allowing people who wish to live outside of the realm of “civilized society” from doing so. The real problems, occur when people try to force them, by law or other means, to adapt, assimilate and integrate into normal society.

This may seem like something of a contradiction at first glance, but it is not in reality. If foreigners who seek to emigrate, are unwilling to integrate into society, what is their purpose for attempting to enter into a society that they disagree with on a fundamental level?

There cannot be any viable reason other than to search out personal benefit and gain and/or to sow the seeds of social disorder and chaos, destabilizing the societal construct … ripping at the very fabric of the society currently in place … or these days, more accurately, accelerating the rate at which the societal construct is already being destabilized. However, for better or for worse, there are quite enough people who are native to these independent but united States of America who do not wish to integrate into “normal society” for a great many different reasons.

It is necessary here to differentiate and quantify the differences between many of these people who do not seek to assimilate into “normal” or “civilized” society. Some of us like me, have done our time serving in the military. Many of us, in part or in whole, due to time and actions within the service of the nation, discovered that we were not really an integral part of society on our return.

As such, living off the grid, relatively well isolated from massive population centers suits our personalities and conditions much more suitably. In short, we do not begrudge society being what it is, but quite conversely, fought to allow society to remain intact. However, in an effort to avoid any potential conflict with that society, we tend to isolate ourselves away from it as much as possible.

Still others tend to isolate themselves based on race. This is true in both black and white communities, so cries of racism will fall on deaf ears here, at least in regards to this very human trait or tendency. Bankers do not tend to associate and live with crackheads, corporate executives do not tend to live and associate with blue collar workers … such is nothing more than an example of human nature.

Unfortunately, among the more bigoted and prejudiced groups are those who seek to sow racial and/or social discontent. Any and all race-based movements, whether they seek “social justice” or “racial purification” are in fact, by their very nature, racist organizations, no matter their purported ideology … at the end of the day, reality will remain reality and facts will remain facts.

In some cases these days however, this attempt to quantify and arbitrarily enforce some perverted sense of “justice” … a concept which needs no quantification in reality, is relegated to catering to some of the most militant and minuscule aspects of society … often at the expense and even to the endangerment of traditional society and societal standards. Again however, this will need some clarification if it is not to be misunderstood or taken out of context.

There is a good reason that contractual law restricts lawfully binding contracts to un-inebriated adults of the legal age of consent. As such, behavior by and between consenting adults should never be regulated to the extent that it does not adversely impact others, or restrict the individual rights, liberties or freedoms of other people. Not to pick on anyone in particular, but the Folsom Street Fair is a fine example of this ideology.

There should not be any protest about the rights of these people to celebrate their chosen lifestyle as they see fit, but neither should it be held in a public venue such as it is, where others living in the area are forced to endure this public display, regardless of whether or not they actively support it in action or practice. Such public displays are a direct infringement on the privacy, rights and beliefs of others and as such, should not be acceptable in civilized society … where such activities in a more private venue, should be perfectly legal and acceptable.

When a forty something year old man decides to “self-identify” as a six year old girl, by his own volition, to “avoid the realities he used to have to deal with” … this is not some biological anomaly, but a delusional attempt to escape attempt from reality … something which should indeed be addressed and dealt with, but not by seeking to force “normal society” to go along with his delusion, especially not under the full force and effect of the law.

This is not accommodating a biological reality, but actively seeking to reinforce and encourage delusional behavior. This man who has fathered children and built a family and who freely admits to seeking to escape “reality” has no business being encouraged … and certainly no business being allowed into a female restroom with actual females … much less female children. How much less right does this person have to infringe on the thoughts and beliefs of others?

When prepubescent boys are “allowed” to dress in drag, only to be paraded about in adult, gay venues, this can reasonably be construed as nothing more than child abuse. To parade this boy on the televised news programs in an effort to normalize the blatant sexualization of prepubescent boys … or girls for that matter … is not only an affront to society, but again, a concerted effort to force the general populace to accept such perversions and in some cases, such delusions, as acceptable and normal behavior … in short, ripping at the very fabric of society in a concentrated effort to destroy the social norms and standards … to tear that society asunder and to render it subject to whatever arbitrary rule of “law” may follow such madness.

My daughter is going on six years old at the time of this writing. I do not allow her to decide what to have for dinner as she is mentally incapable of making such decisions on her own. Were I to leave such decisions up to her, I have no doubt that we would have french fries and ice cream for dinner virtually every night … and it would not be long before her body was eaten up with disease and malnutrition.

This decision making on my part is not an act of cruelty, nor it is overbearing or oppressive, but merely proper parenting … which according to some recent Statist Studies from Leftist Activists is in itself “racist” behavior … but rather merely seeking to ensure that my daughter is healthy and capable of survival.

To allow schools, devoid of any parental input or guidance, to subject prepubescent children to the rantings of a drag queen and then ask these same children … who are again, too young even to competently decide what to have for dinner … what gender they “feel like” on any given day … is beyond asinine, moves well into the realm of abusive and definitively infringes on the rights of both the parents and the children.

The very fabric of society is being torn apart by these egregious abuses of law enforcement, government and other bodies intent on destroying the nuclear family unit and actively dividing the general population. Such actions are very likely not accidental in nature, but direct affronts to the societal norms precisely for the purpose of creating division and infighting among the people that make up this nation.

Add in the dumbing down of the general population through the governmental indoctrination centers passed off to us as “educational institutions”, and it becomes apparent that this is an intentional effort by design. The only real question is to what ends? Why is society as we know it being fundamentally destroyed and more importantly perhaps, what is in the works to take its place?


Let us know what you think please!

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