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Philippine Humanitarian and Charitable Projects

Projects we are working on and would like some help getting more well known. 

I am presently working with a zero budget but I do not want charity so much as an opportunity … for which I need some serious help marketing this. We will also need to get some decent camera equipment so that we can document some of our work. I have a little Canon but it takes two pictures and even brand new rechargeable batteries are dead. We have worked with ENRO both nationally and locally but have no documentation as well as the work we have done locally for the homeless and poor. All of that has effectively been a wasted effort in regards to the potential for marketing and growth so that you and I can get on payroll as soon as possible. We need both still and video cameras to document our work if we are going to use it as a means for marketing and growth. Lighting is damn near impossible to find here too so if we could find some aluminum drop lights even, that would be awesome. (Mind you we do use 220 volts here but for most lamps, that should not be an issue) I am including a list of projects with approximate prices we set up last year and that we would be ready to do within a week generally should you know anyone who wishes to start marketing them. 

Additionally, one marketing tactic I was looking at was the ability to market “Tax Deductible Vacations” though they would not be able to take it off their taxes until we are licensed and I have no clue what all new tax laws are going into effect now. The idea is that if people did want to contribute but were concerned about where their money with or who was actually getting the help, they could come here, finance the project but also work with the local Barangay DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) reps and meet different families and then select their own family to aid. I can give you more details should you like but our work crews here are more than happy to have families of foreigners to laugh at and it may very well be an excellent marketing tool for us.

Philippine Charitable and Humanitarian Projects we would like your support to get goingAs for how that works with selections, none of these projects are for the homeless but for poor families who live in bamboo and nipa huts (much like mine) and are using squat toilets shared among different households and families (like mine) and while we stand to lose some minor donations that they may wish to continue to provide the families involved, I do think it would be a very strong marketing tool. The way we select people to help is by working with the Barangay (or Neighborhood) government officials and primarily their DSWD reps and talk to them about the families that are currently receiving assistance. This allows us to weed out families with addictions to alcohol or gambling or who have histories of mental illness that we are not yet prepared to deal with. In this way, we can focus our efforts on families who have shown the ability to and the desire to help themselves when possible and work on long-term results. Anything with a valid or final price attached already will be marked as “USD FP”. I will be building individual pages for all of these including donate buttons on my wife’s paypal until we get the accounts set up when we are licensed.

Project List

  • Piggery with two  female piglets to be raised for breeders, first insemination and feeds for breeders through first brood of fatteners or piglets – $2000 USD

  • Chicken Coop for 100 Chickens with chicks and feeds through to first harvest –  $1300 USD

  • Tilapia Tanks – Two batches of Tilapia and feeds through to first harvest – Price Unknown at this stage

  • Mortgaged Rice Fields* - $5000 USD FP – Rice fields will be used to provide employment to farmers who will get ten percent of crops and additional rice produced will be distributed to local Barangay Halls (Government Offices) to allow them to distribute it to the homeless or poor) all in accordance with Philippine principles of mortgage

  • District-Wide Irrigation Projects – $160,000 USD FP – Not very likely perhaps but I figured I would toss it in. Water Districts are locally controlled at the Barangay Level.

  • Pump House with water pump and well digging – $800 USD FP or $1400 for pumphouse and CR combo

  • Comfort Room or Toilet Facility – $800 USD FP or $1400 for CR and Pumphouse combo

  • Dirty” Kitchen – A small add-on room to be used as a kitchen for homes without one – $1700 USD

  • Padjak, Trike and Jeepney**  – Pronounced PIE JACK – Current Price Unknown – A tricycle built on a bicycle frame with a passenger sidecar – These projects may be acceptable though I would hesitate with the motor-trikes and the jeepneys until we are better situated due to room for abuse by recipients of aid – There are ways around this but we may need to be more fully established

  • Rolling Store on Padjak Frame – Fully Stocked PU

  • Rolling Store Pushcart – Fully Stocked PU

  • Rolling Store Motorcycle – Fully Stocked PU

  • Sari Sari Store – Hollow Block Construction and Fully Stocked - $4600 USD

  • Turo Turo (Point Point – Small restaurant little more than a cooking stand) – Hollow Block Construction, Kitchen and cooking ware - $5200

  • Educational Foster Parent to send a child to “Public” school (which still costs money here) and to include uniforms, shoes and school supplies - $500 USD

  • School Supply and Uniform Fun – Open Donations

  • Numerous Environmental Restoration and Cleanup Projects … take your pick … streams, rivers, forests, mountains, etc. Prices would vary accordingly.

*Mortgages in the Philippines – If you wanted to grow rice but did not want to buy a rice field here, you would mortgage it … which has a very different meaning here. Terms may or may not be set with any time limits but more often than not there is no set time. If I mortgage a field for $5000 USD for example, I will bear the costs for raising rice there as if it were mine. Any rice and income produced is my interest payment and I retain “ownership” (as holder of the mortgage) until such a time as repayment is made by the rightful owner. Added benefit here would be when monies are repaid they can be used in either this or other areas for institutional growth without violating Philippine law.

** With something like this project, it may be to our benefit to train drivers and have our own fleets and lease them out to drivers the same way many American taxi companies do. We could also utilize this as a base for providing vocational training for mechanics and body work. We would have to work out the details but it has been the experience of those I know that allowing people to keep the vehicles as their own always results in “repairs that need to be made” for which they want/need additional income. We can work with the local government here to see how many licenses are available and what it would take to start such a program as well as with national friends at TESDA (Training and Educational Skills Development Authority) to see about “certifying” drivers


Let us know what you think please!