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My Venture into CryptoCurrency

My Venture into Crypto Currency

NOTE: The link to BTCPOP is an affiliate link and yeah, I get a bonus of sorts if you sign up there, though certainly not enough to get rich.

This will be an ongoing and learning experience as I enter the realm of cryptocurrencies and learn what I can about what is going on there in that world.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are all the rage in many circles, and with the many rises and falls of bitcoin, some people tend to shy away from the whole thing, believing it to be nothing more than a scam. As I progress, I will be looking at all of the strong and weak points of these systems and juxtaposing them with many views I routinely come across.

In the Beginning of Cryptocurrency

An introduction into cryptocurrencyHow do I get started with cryptocurrency? Well, in my personal case it was quite by accident really. I began a while back posting on a website by the name of PocketNet where censorship was supposedly a thing of the past. Are there the occasional racists and bigots there? Yeah, just like in the physical reality we all live within.

I have traveled all over the world and I have met good and bad people everywhere I have been. There are always going to be people who approve and disapprove of you and me and everyone else based on seemingly arbitrary criteria, even when it has no basis in reality. This is just part of life and something people need to grow accustomed to dealing with. So what?

PocketNet and BTCPOP

The PocketNet website offered “coins” which was not a focus of mine in the beginning, as I merely sought to share thoughts, memes and the occasionally pointless and meaningless ideas so common on the internet. And then they went live with PKOIN and next thing I knew, I had about fifteen bucks in cryptocurrency in my personal account.

Granted, nobody is going to get rich on fifteen bucks, and to be even more brutally honest, the amount has fluctuated greatly as I imagine it does with the initial offering of virtually anything in a competitive market. The PKOIN and a great many altcoin alternatives are available for purchase on the BTCPOP website, which is another format I am still working on figuring out how to operate successfully and completely.

CryptoCurrency Faucets for Free AltCoins

Right now, while the PKOIN value is up a little, I am focusing not only on generating more PKOIN through the interactive PocketNet website, but also using the “faucets” on BTCPOP. The faucets offer you the opportunity to obtain additional “free” coins though at minimal levels.

Over the course of a day however, just clicking a few buttons every half hour or so is a small price to pay should the PKOIN ever have any real value. Add in the coins I get from PocketNet and posting on their site, and I hope to eventually form a base with a continuing investment of time to gain PKOIN and the occasional conversion to BTC in order to build a base investment there.

CryptoCurrency Growth Strategy

My current efforts include constant posting on the PocketNet site to build up my PKOIN stash, and moving the PKOIN on to the BTCPOP cryptocurrency exchange platform every time I have 52 coins saved up. This pays the fee for the transfer and allows me to add to my base “investment”, even though the cost at present is little more than an investment of time.

At such a time as I have a sufficient level of BTC, if I can ever figure out how to successfully exchange my PKOIN for BTC, I will try to figure out how to move my BTC on to another platform that has more trade options, or start tracking some of the altcoins on the BTCPOP site.

If There is Enough Interest in my Growth Strategies for Cryptocurrency

If There is Enough Interest in my Growth Strategies for Cryptocurrency and my ongoing efforts, I will make this a regular series here and hope maybe I can help others through my successes and failures. This is not going to be a get-rich quick scheme or anything of that nature, but merely an exploration as we travel down the road to success or failure together.

Let us know what you think please!