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Why is Dependency Dangerous?
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Why is Dependency Dangerous?

I often rant about the creation of the dependency class through government welfare programs implemented under the guise of social welfare programs.

Despite all of my work aimed specifically at ending homelessness, ending poverty and empowering the individual through education and opportunity, some people still mistakenly think that the reason for my rants is because I am a racist, I am against “poor people” in general, or that my derision for the bloated and inefficient federal system has clouded my judgment somehow in regards to its ability to “help” by creating a class of people dependent on the benevolence of big government and the nanny state.

In short, my system of beliefs, my work, my research, my actions and all that I do are to help these very same people regardless of sexual preferences, their race (as perceived by the individual, since in reality, among the singular human race there are only three factual racial “divisions” … yet despite that, we all remain part of the human race which is where my focus and efforts are concentrated ) or any other single factor that some would try to use as a means to discredit me.

What they often ignore are all of the government research, studies and conclusions that this very same dependency class that bloated and inefficient government “assistance” programs have created is in fact, verifiably dangerous. Encouraging and empowering people to improve their life through education and opportunity on the other hand, actually creates more contributing members of society and helps not only the people themselves, but the general population as a whole … and they tend not to be nearly so dangerous.

For those of you who believe I am somehow bigoted, I seriously doubt there is anything that I can say or do that would change your mind.

However, it is both interesting and noteworthy to realize that I have spent nearly one-half of my life living in foreign countries (where I am the foreigner and the minority) working directly to create very real, long-term and meaningful solutions to environmental concerns, homelessness, poverty and other social issues … much of which was strictly voluntary in nature and garnered no pay … much to my wife’s chagrin I am afraid.

My only focus on “race” involves the human race as a whole and the development of a more well-educated human race working together to form a more perfect symbiotic relationship with the environment that surrounds us and to which we are all equally dependent for our survival.

Why is Dependency Dangerous?If a desire to see both the species and the planet thrive is somehow or another bigoted, I suppose that maybe you have a good reason for thinking what you do, but until someone can convince me that helping people and the planet is wrong, I am going to continue with my efforts.

It should be noted however that not only are many of the programs currently in place not solving anything, they are in fact creating much bigger problems than the ones they are purportedly working on solving, and that is something that needs to be changed before it is too late.

A very interesting statistic that is often overlooked when people want to rant about the crime rates in these united States of America is the geographical location of large amounts of the crimes taking place. It is actually much easier to break down crime by location than it is by race, color or anything else.

Surprisingly to some, most of the high crime areas are in those locations that have large numbers of people on social welfare programs … not just getting temporary assistance and a hand up mind you but entire families that have made generational welfare dependence a career choice.

Now the first argument I generally get from people here is that this is merely because these are where the poor people are forced to live and they are only criminally active because they are poor. If that is indeed the case, then I would say than the system has failed them greatly.

When did we start our domestic “war on poverty”?

I believe it was during that little government fueled and extended period we have come to know as “The Great Depression” was it not? Even though it was not made an official “war” until the very racist and opinionated LBJ made it so. And despite the fact that a great many of these same programs actually extended the depression and did nothing to end it … but only made it worse, we continued with such programs … and one cannot help but wonder if perhaps the government in all its glorious wisdom did not see this one coming … creating generations of families that would be wholly dependent on government and given absolutely no incentives whatsoever to improve their own lives … and in fact, actually given incentives to remain single with no nuclear family options and rewarded them even more in direct proportion to how irresponsible they were.

How exactly is this supposed to help anyone at all, much less give them the necessary incentive to improve their lot in life?

It breeds a dependency class that feels entitled to the rewards of the labors of others, it breeds crime and disharmony and creates an atmosphere that beyond simply being very unpleasant for everyone involved, actually becomes an inherent danger to society itself.

There are only two possible conclusions that can reasonably be drawn from all of these facts when put together … yes, in my opinion at least.Why is Dependency Dangerous?

One – If this is the best the government can do to help the poorest among its citizens, then we definitely need to look elsewhere to find help for the world’s poorest people because this is definitely not working.

Two – If the government sees, knows or even suspects that this is the case, yet has done nothing to rectify the situation or repair the damages that they have caused … or even done anything to prevent any further damage from being done, than the government is in fact perpetrating what can only be seen as criminal activity against the poor by perpetuating their dependence and intentionally putting their lives at risk.

If the government does know and is not doing anything to rectify the issue, how can that be anything other than malicious if not criminal intent?

Regardless of whatever may be the most viable, productive and long-term solution, one thing is for certain, we cannot continue doing the same things and expecting the results to be any different.

Not only is change needed, it is needed now and government is not going to do anything to disrupt the dependence on them that they have intentionally created … no matter how disproportionately dangerous it may be for the very segment of the population that they are so busy claiming they support and defend.

The only difficulty in seeing anything wrong with this is trying to figure out which is more dangerous, the environment itself or the government that has gone out of its way to create such environments.

Oddly enough, this article was originally written in 2010, yet today, we can see just how prophetic it was in the social disruption so rampant in our society today.

Let us know what you think please!

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