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Innovative Technologies and IP in Systemically Sustainable DevelopmentsIntellectual Property (or more commonly referred to as IP) and Intellectual Property Rights and Ownershipi are a key concern for many innovators, and understandably so in some cases.

Patents are one option but are not always a viable solution. Patents can be traded just as other commodities, by people who know how to use and game the system. Patents can also be bought out and/or otherwise “acquired” by governments and/or other agencies under any number of reasons. In some cases, the patents have merely served as a blueprint to help others fill in gaps in their ideas and/or even to blatantly steal, and occasionally try to appropriate the technologies.

While the theory behind patents may be sound, history has shown that they are not always the most viable approach and can ... and have on far too many occasions, been used to buy, control and/or otherwise prevent new and innovative technologies from ever reaching the hands of the people who would actually put it to good use and/or even improve it.

As with the establishment of the Corporate Entities and the Tertiary Entities, each case of Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights will be individually negotiated. The actual terms and conditions of the rights will be determined based upon the negotiations by and between the IP Owner and the foundation(s) and/or governing body. In cases wherein it is possible, the ideal solution is to “purchase” the IP while leaving the innovator in place to work with the IP and to be there for the implementation of any and all changes that are made to the technologies. The key to successfully owning and controlling technologies is best served as “Trade Secrets”.

i As voluntary members of an Association, it is possible to keep the Intellectual Property classified as a “Trade Secret” under the terms of House Resolution (HR) 3723 regarding economic espionage and trade secrets. However, with the exception of such technologies as can be easily weaponized, every effort will be made to purchase the technology outright and to provide it to the open source community for improvement and support.

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